How often does your web host contact you?

How often does your web host contact you?
How often does your web host contact you?

We usually receive an auto-responder once a month or three times a year. According to the receipt, your credit card was just charged by the host. Learn How often does your web host contact you?.

How often does your web host contact you?
How often does your web host contact you?

There you have it. Could you take a moment to consider it? How often does your web host contact you? Most site owners only remove your site when you owe them money: they have made a charge or, God forbid, your credit card has expired, and you cannot pay until you have paid! It’s not what you’re looking for in a web host.

In your inbox, you will find helpful tips, a newsletter, and suggestions to help you. It is advisable to add your web host to the allow list if it sends industry updates regularly, so this cutting-edge information does not end up in your spam folder.

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Your web host needs to be proactive and engaged for your business to succeed. You can bet that web hosting CEOs know that acquiring a new client costs 10 times more than retaining one. Your satisfaction is important to them. There may even be a holiday greeting card in the mail!

Do you have a human on the line?

Suppose you need technical assistance, press 1. Billing questions can be answered by pressing 2. Design support is available by pressing three. Especially when it comes to technical support, it is the bane of corporate communication.

If you’re trying to change your credit card number, there is nothing more frustrating than finally getting a techie. It’s simple to change your billing information, but you need to talk to someone in billing.” (Reset the timer for another 20 minutes. Put the phone on speaker, and hope no clients call while you’re waiting.)

What is the difference between the tech support and the billing and accounts numbers on the contact us page? Is there a hand-holder number who will assist you in installing a blog on your new site or helping you plan a seamless site migration that includes a d-base the size of a refrigerator box?

You want to ensure you have the right person on the line, so you need a single, toll-free number as a starting point.

Work your way up to the CEO if you don’t get the satisfaction you want from rep A. If you still don’t see any action, speak with the manager.

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What is the host’s experience in the industry?

Your hosting company’s service is a good indicator of how they treat their clients. You tend to stay with those who treat you well. You tend to dump the dogs. So, look for a hosting company hosting business websites for at least a decade.

It speaks volumes about the quality of client service.

If you are unfamiliar with building a site, pick a host that offers a lot of tools – plug-in modules, free shopping carts, multiple security layers – all of the features you require to make your digital vision a reality.

Ideally, the enterprise web host should understand that client care should be a core value of the organization. No contracts. Contracts work for the web host, not the business owners residing on their servers. Look for a money-back guarantee, tons of telephone, email and chat features, a bag full of site-building tools, and someone who can answer the phone, slurp down a double-shot latte, and assist you with positioning that video clip.

Providing you with everything and everyone you need to build and launch a successful website contributes to the web host’s success. Competent hosts understand this and cultivate it.

Using a client-centric host means you receive updates (for your benefit), and you can even talk to a C-level executive if you have questions or problems.

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