How Come People Make the Most Beautiful Gifts of God Their Curses?

How Come People Make the Most Beautiful Gifts of God Their Curses?
How Come People Make the Most Beautiful Gifts of God Their Curses?

Our birth causes us to be born with various unique gifts, as we observe closely. It is possible to compare a person’s beauty to their intelligence. The art and music of many people are beautiful, and they are highly creative. A great writer or actor is different from a great writer or actor. People with great courage are born with some qualities that make them extremely honest. A significant body is born, but a great intuition is also born. A person who can see the future and a person who is an excellent investigator as well are two different things. Many people have the gift of oratory, while others have the gift of honesty and sincerity. Learn How Come People Make the Most Beautiful Gifts of God Their Curses?.

How Come People Make the Most Beautiful Gifts of God Their Curses?

There is no way for us to be the best in every field as no one is gifted in every department, and we may not be gifted in our chosen area. Because of this, we are disappointed and often curse God that we are not as beautiful or intelligent as some people. Mr. Charmer realized that his greatest gift had become his greatest curse when he was in trouble later in his life.

A gift from God

Put yourself in the position of a family leader with various ages in the family. Everyone can receive some gifts such as spotify plaque from you. Which gift will you choose for them so they can share their gifts and enjoy life to the fullest? Would you like to give different gifts to all of them? Buying all family members identical cars or toys would be the worst thing you could do. Is there a need for other family members if everyone has the same gift? Only when every family member has a unique gift, and when those gifts are combined, and each one is shared with love, will the family be united and enjoy the benefits.

Everyone is given different gifts, which make each person’s personality unique, and the world appears to work on this principle, which is why everyone is given different gifts.

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A look at the inequity of gifts

What is the reason for God not giving everyone equal gifts? There is an explanation for this principle based on Karma, where one reaps what one sows. You are rewarded with a better life if you do good deeds. Good deeds pay dividends even in the next life due to the soul’s eternal nature. In the next life, the same holds for deeds done in the previous life. Good men, who exhaust all their good Karma, are left with no unique gifts, just like men who run out of savings and become bankrupt. Therefore, you can only use the gift for life if you use it economically.

The Gifts: How do they work?

Gifts are generally seen as something that benefits the person receiving them. The reason is that most of us don’t understand how gifts work and how they benefit the world and the individual. Consider a woman who has the gift of beauty, for instance. There are no rewards given to women because they wish to benefit them, but because they benefit them with their beauty. A beautiful woman is a joy to be around, so they shower her with gifts (material).

Gifts and the Curse

There was once a man I met who claimed to be able to make prophecies and know the future and the past. My family and I loved what he had to say about us, so I offered him some money for the job. Per his teacher’s instructions, he was not allowed to use his remarkable gift to make money or destructively. In addition to losing his gift permanently, he would also suffer the curse of God if he used it for money, according to his teacher.

Some people are cursed by their gift, which explains why they become unhappy with it. It is common for people to take the material benefits of these gifts for granted, forgetting that these gifts have been provided for the benefit of all humanity. They can charge good money for their gift, which benefits the people and gradually become more affluent. Nevertheless, he violates God’s promise and therefore suffers the curse of pain, unhappiness, loneliness, and misery as a result of breaking his promise.

Make the most of your gifts

The key to a happy life is to use one’s unique gifts to benefit others and make them happier in the process. Sharing one’s unique gifts can make the world a better place since no one else has such a gift, and others will thank you for sharing yours. Nevertheless, the laws of nature ensure that he gets something in return for sharing his talents. 

It is, however, not material returns that bring man love, happiness, or pleasure, but spiritual ones. One only behaves rightly when distributing the gifts to the children of God, as the gift of God should be distributed without any charge. The gifts are not owned by a man but are carried by him.

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