If this cheap USB-C DAC doesn’t get you into hi-res audio on iPhone, nothing will

Astell & Kern HC3 on a white coffee table, connected to an iPhone XR

Wish to know a secret? I used to cover area of interest music genres in my options to identify plagiarists. Kind my selection key phrases (“ruckus skiffle”, “kawai steel”, “farmcore”, you get the concept) into Google and if one other long-form article contained my lifted eccentric genres, I quickly aired the writer on it. 

OK, Spotify’s Area of interest Mixes nixed my method to a level – dozens of us may now be writing about pagode, goblincore and funeral doom – however the product I am about to debate is wasted on Spotify’s lossy OGG Vorbis ouevre anyway. Purchase one, and you will be heading into uncharted musical territory too. And I want you a wonderful journey.