How to Reduce PDF File Size

How to Reduce PDF File Size
How to Reduce PDF File Size

This article aims to teach you how to make a PDF smaller using a PC or Mac. The people behind the PDF format, Adobe, have created a free online tool that compresses PDF files into smaller files. Here’s How to Reduce PDF File Size.

How to Reduce PDF File Size
How to Reduce PDF File Size

Using the Preview app on a Mac will help you shrink your File if you skip the upload. You can also use the PDF optimizer in Adobe Acrobat DC’s professional version to make the document smaller. If you compress your PDFs, keep that in mind when compressing images and (sometimes) text: These apps reduce PDF file sizes by reducing image and (sometimes) text quality.

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Try Adobe’s Online PDF Compressor.

To compress a PDF file, go to Adobe offers a free online tool for compressing PDF files that can greatly reduce their size.

Select the File you want to compress. A file browser will open to allow you to do the compression.

  • You can either drag it to the uploaded file button or click on the upload button to upload the PDF file.

Click Open to open your PDF. When you click Open, your PDF is uploaded.

Decide how to compress your PDF. You must select a level of compression to change the File’s size. The level you select will determine how much data is compressed.

  • Images and text files with a Medium compression setting are the best candidates for this setting. If you reduce the file size, the quality of the image may be a bit lower, but it will still be decent.
  • Use High compression for the smallest PDF you can create. If you choose the “Create from scratch” option, your File will be lower quality, and the images won’t be as attractive. However, if image quality is not that important to you and you need a smaller file size, this is the best option.
  • When a small amount compresses the File, images and other details are preserved in the compressed File. The result leads to a slight but barely noticeable reduction in file size.

Select the Compress option. A compressed file will appear. The newly-compressed File’s name and its former size will appear next to the success message when compressed successfully.

You can download it by clicking Download. When this occurs, you will receive your PDF in a smaller format.

Open Preview on a Mac.

You will see the PDF in Preview. Click twice on the PDF to launch. Alternatively, you can close the app, right-click the PDF, choose “Open with,” and it will open in a preview window.

When you select File from the File menu, the File menu is located in the menu bar at the top of the screen.

Select Export… from the menu. Ensure that you are selecting Export and not Export in PDF.

Select PDF from the “Format” menu. Alternatively, you might be able to select it from the “Format” menu simply.

You can reduce the file size by clicking “Quartz Filter” in the menu. Consequently, the total file size is decreased.

  • Especially if there are images in the PDF, reducing the file size can decrease quality.
  • It is possible to save this smaller PDF version with a different name if you want to keep the larger version as an original. The file name at the top of the window should have “smaller” just before the “.pdf.”.

Please save it to a destination of your choice.

Click on Save. An updated PDF is saved in that location.

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