How to Disable AdBlock

How to Disable AdBlock
How to Disable AdBlock

Are you unable to access certain websites because of an adblocker? Disabling your adblocker in Chrome, Microsoft Edge, or Firefox is easy. It’s even possible in mobile browsers for Android, such as Samsung Internet, regardless of whether you’re using AdBlock or Adblock Plus. This guide will show you how to disable AdBlock on one site, turn off ad blocking on another website, and pause both AdBlock and Adblock Plus. Here’s How to Disable AdBlock.

How to Disable AdBlock

How to Disable AdBlock

Go to a web browser. 

You should have AdBlock or Adblock Plus enabled in this browser.

  • You can find your browser’s extensions by clicking the three vertical dots at the top-right corner, then clicking More tools. Chrome: Click the three vertical dots, then click Extensions.
  • You can also access Extensions in Firefox by clicking the three horizontal lines at the browser’s top-right corner and selecting Add-ons.
  • The bottom-right corner has three horizontal dots. Use the drop-down menu to choose Extensions.
  • You can install Safari extensions by opening Safari, clicking the Safari menu, and selecting Safari Extensions.

Choose either AdBlock or Adblock Plus. Choose the ad-blocker you wish to disable from the list of extensions. You can enable or disable extensions by checking a checkbox next to their names.

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To disable AdBlock or Adblock Plus, use the switch or checkbox. 

To disable the extension, toggle your browser to Off (gray or white) if you’re using Chrome, Firefox, or Edge. In the left panel, Safari users should remove the checkmark next to AdBlock or AdBlock.

  • Toggling the switch back on or checking the corresponding box will allow you to re-enable AdBlock or Adblock Plus.

You can access the website here. You will be able to identify its icon in the top right corner of your browser if you are loading a website with AdBlock or Adblock Plus enabled.

  • For example, you would go to here to disable AdBlock on jasminnetsena.

Select AdBlock Plus or AdBlock. You will see a red stop sign icon with white letters “ABP” if you are using Adblock Plus. In AdBlock, a white hand will appear inside a red stop sign.

  • Ads will no longer block the page. If you are using Adblock Plus, slide the switch next to “This Website” or “This Page” to the Off position (to block ads on the entire website or just the current page). You can choose not to run AdBlock on this page if you have it installed. Click the Adblock Plus icon and click the switch to turn it back on. At any time, you can turn it back on for this website.
  • The AdBlock can be reactivated for this page by clicking its icon and selecting Enable AdBlock.

This page needs to be refreshed. 

Alternatively, you can choose Refresh or Reload from a right-click menu on a blank area of the page after clicking the curved arrow icon in your browser’s toolbar. Once you do so, you will see the blocked ads.

Your iPhone should open Safari. There is an icon on the home screen that is blue and white.

To access the Aa icon, tap it. You’ll find it at the top of Safari, just under the address bar.

Turn off content blockers by tapping the Turn off Content Blockers button. 

This button is located in the bottom-right corner. If you disable your content blockers, you will not be blocked from seeing Adblock Plus ads while using Safari.

  • Re-enabling Adblock Plus can be accomplished by tapping the Aa button and selecting Turn on Content Blockers.

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