How to Airplay iPhone or iPad to Mac

How to Airplay iPhone or iPad to Mac
How to Airplay iPhone or iPad to Mac

You can now share content between a small screen iPhone and a large Mac display. Now that macOS Monterey is available, you can share or play media straight from your iPhone or iPad without any third-party software. From one Apple device to another AirPlay-compliant device, you can stream media such as music or movies. Learn How to Airplay iPhone or iPad to Mac.

How to Airplay iPhone or iPad to Mac
How to Airplay iPhone or iPad to Mac

Sharing content on a bigger Macbook or iMac screen is far more effective than viewing it on a small tablet or smartphone. Watching a movie on a larger screen might be a better solution. You can use AirPlay for many different purposes, depending on your needs.

In 2018, this feature will be available on 2018 MacBook Pro models and later, 2018 MacBook Air models and later, 2019 iMac models and later, 2017 iMac Pro models, 2019 Mac Pro models, 2020 Mac Mini models. I tested Airplay from iPhone to Mac with my iPhone SE 2020 and iPad to Mac with my iPad Air 3rd Gen. I used my Mac mini 2020. For iPads, you’ll want at least an iPad Pro(2nd), iPad Air 3rd Gen, iPad 6th Gen, and iPad mini 5th Gen.

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Before you AirPlay to Mac

  • Update your Mac to the latest Monterey version.
  • You’ll need to connect both devices to the same WiFi network before you can AirPlay from iPhone to Mac. You can discover new content and ensure that your neighbours do not share your content mistakenly.
  • Your Mac must be awake and powered on.
  • Your Mac OS Firewall should unblock Airplay. Make sure that blocking all incoming connections isn’t enabled in Preferences > Security & Privacy > Firewall by visiting this link.
  • Turn on AirPlay on your Mac if it isn’t already enabled. The setting is automatically on, but you might want to double-check if it is not already on. You can find the AirPlay Receiver option in System Preferences by clicking the Sharing option and choosing the Sharing option. Ensure that AirPlay Receiver is turned on.

You can share your media by opening the Photos app on your iPhone or whatever app you use. Find AirPlay at the bottom of the screen. Click on it. Macs should show up there. Choose the device on which you wish to share content. When a video or photo is displayed on the big Mac, they start playing within seconds.

The Mac can have problems hearing sound, a common problem. Verify that neither device has mute enabled if this occurs. Reduce the volume on the device affected if necessary.

It is not always possible to use AirPlay. As an example, I tried connecting my iPad Air 3rd generation to the Mac Mini, but it did not work. It is still very confusing to me. A USB cable will work in these situations. In addition to gaming or when you don’t have WiFi access, cable connections are ideal for low latency applications.

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