Better get a bracket: GPU sagging really does ruin your graphics card

Excited and shocked face of gamer with headphone playing computer pc video game online sitting on chair at living room.

Graphics card sagging, whereas as soon as a non-issue, has turn into a real menace to their lifespan, inflicting them to fail a lot prior to regular. As playing cards turn into extra highly effective, additionally they turn into a lot bigger and heavier in design, which suggests they have a tendency to sag if not supported on each side within the PC case.

As German pc restore technician KrisFix (opens in new tab) explains (and reported on by Tom’s Hardware) when a graphics card sags on account of this elevated weight, “reminiscence modules can lose reference to its related solder factors on the PCB.” There’s additionally the difficulty of thermal variance, attributable to the every day use of the cardboard underneath sag circumstances.