How to Find Your Creative Self

How to Find Your Creative Self
How to Find Your Creative Self

Every single one of us is creative. I can’t entirely agree with those who think people lack a creative bone. Perhaps it is just that you haven’t yet found it. Here’s How to Find Your Creative Self.

How to Find Your Creative Self
How to Find Your Creative Self

See if there is even a hint of enjoyment in every creative activity. There was a lady who noticed the same thing about her. Everything she did not work. Eventually, she signed up for painting classes. After a while, she was hooked.

Then, she took more classes. Her skills improved. A creative urge developed within her. It was the first time she felt a sense of purpose. As her painting skills improved, her teacher was amazed.
Interestingly, she was 60 years old at the time. Before she decided to put her talent to use, it was dormant. However, she sold thousands of dollars worth of her paintings. If you are having trouble finding your creative self, you may want to give up.

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Take a new approach

Your gift is being sought by someone out there who needs it. However, starting digging is the first step. If you dig every stone, you’ll uncover the treasure. You’ll discover something. The reward need not be financial.

Instead, you will feel bliss when you find it. You will be happy, and others will recognize you as well. Certainly, someone will reply, “I’ve tried it all, but I’m still not satisfied.” I felt the same way.
But then I decided to write. Everything changed from that point on. I was free to express myself. Although it’s hard most days, I find that something inside me flows when I force myself to start. It leads me to my question: Could you tell me that?

Would you consider writing?

In a previous post, I described a woman who discovered painting when she was sixty-five. In another story, a man with an incurable disease was told he was still alive. Several months were all the man had left. After he passed, he picked up his pen and began writing to provide support for his family.

About six months later, he passed away. It has now been one year. There have been four books published in his name. There was no death. They were all bestsellers.

When it comes to finding out what we love and doing it, we sometimes have to back against the wall. Last but not least, if you cannot find what you love, go for something challenging. Find a creative endeavor that you love and work on until you master it. It will have an effect on your loved ones for years to come.

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